Thai News Papers and News Sites

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Thai News Papers and News Sites


thai rath

Thai Rath (Thai: ไทยรัฐ)

Thai Rath (Thai: ไทยรัฐRTGS: Thai Ratpronounced [tʰāj rát]; lit.: ‘Thai State’ or ‘Thai Nation’) is a daily Thai language newspaper published in Bangkok and distributed nationwide.



Khao Sod (Thai: ข่าวสด)

Khao Sod (Thai: ข่าวสดRTGS: Khao Sotpronounced [kʰàːw sòt]; lit. meaning “fresh news” or “current news”) is a Thai daily newspaper with national circulation. Founded on 9 April 1991, Khao Sod is the youngest paper of the Matichon Publishing Group


Daily News (Thai: เดลินิวส์)

Daily News (Thai: เดลินิวส์pronounced [dēː.lī.nīw(s)]) is a Thai-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok and distributed nationwide. It is the 2nd best-selling newspaper in Thailand. It has a circulation of 850,000 copies daily.


kom chad

Kom Chad Luek (Thai: คมชัดลึก)

Kom Chad Luek (Thai: คมชัดลึกRTGS: Khom Chat Luekpronounced [kʰōm t͡ɕʰát lɯ́k]; lit.: ‘sharp, clear, deep’) is a mass-circulation Thai-language daily newspaper launched in 2001, published in Bangkok, Thailand, by the Nation Multimedia Group.


Manager (Thai: ผู้จัดการรายวัน)

Manager Daily (Thai: ผู้จัดการรายวันRTGS: phu chat kan rai wan) is a Thai-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok and distributed nationwide. Founded on 7 November 1990, and is owned by the Manager 360.


Bangkok Post

The Bangkok Post is an English-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok, Thailand. It is published in broadsheet and digital formats. The first issue was sold on 1 August 1946. It had four pages and cost one baht, a considerable amount at the time when a baht was a paper note. It is Thailand’s second oldest newspaper.


post today

Post Today









Thai Post (Thai: ไทย โพสต)

Thai Post (Thai: ไทยโพสต์) is a broadsheet, Thailand-language daily newspaper founded in 1996 and published in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of Thai-language dailies in Bangkok.



Pattaya Mail

First English-language newspaper published in Pattaya, Thailand.


Chiang Rai Times


Matichon Group

Thai Stock Exchange

Asia Times






Inn News


Phuket News

The Thaiger

Pattaya One

Thai News Agency


Chiang Mai Citylife

Bangkok Today

Siam Turakij

Pattaya Blatt

Pattaya People

Korat Daily


Thailand Press Releases

Hua Hin Today

Nation Weekend

Thai News

Chiang Mai Mail

Student Weekly

Business Day

Pattaya Today

Muslimthai Post

Novosti Phuketa (Russian)

Bangkok Shuho (Japanese)

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